Mango 2018 Video Tour

2017 was a great year for mango. We hit so many great bench marks with support from our clients.

Among the many code commits of 2017 some of the highlights were... introducing new Scene Assembly and Shader publishing workflows, revamping our trusty Workspace tools, and introducing our version feed tool and deadline event integration.

Anyway we have many cool things planned for 2018 so stay tuned.
in the meantime we hope you enjoy watching the 2018 video tour, as much as we enjoyed working on mango this last few years

Mango Character Rigging Tools For 3ds Max Training Now Available

Check out the new "Training Video Series" byMangosoft CEO Carlos Anguiano,
The series covers the basics of the Character Rigging Pipeline for 3ds Max in the Mango Pipeline.

This particular series is dedicate to people who might not have allot of experience rigging, Carlos Cover's the basic workflow, theoryand tools as well as some of his "pro-tips" to get artist up to speed fast,

This is our longest running training series at amlmost 3 hours worth of content, so we suggest you check out the 10 minute Overview, before you jump in directly into the more details videos.


1600 plus shots delivered by Phenom Films on "Mojin: The Lost Legend"

Here's a quite spectacular Phenom Films "making of" highlights compilation, from Wanda Pictures: "Mojin: The Lost Legend". Phenom oversaw the entire VFX process of the movies 1600 + VFX shots (from planning, onset, to final stereo approval).

Phenom Films has been using the Mango Pipeline going on 3 years now, and is one of the top VFX and Production Media houses in China.

Phenom Films: Breaking Ground With The Mango Pipeline

Phenom Films has evolved into the largest privately owned production company in China. The studio now offers a complete start to finish post production solution for major motion pictures.  Phenom Films Started Using the mango pipeline in 2014 and has not looked back yet. Check out the amazing work that's being created by the Chinese Powerhouse!