Supervisors will be by far the ones that benefit the most from the Mango Pipeline. Not only are we creating a clean and organized working structure. But we're focusing of solving and automating very detailed aspects of the studio pipeline to free your artist up, from the grind of keeping things update to create more revisions.

Managed Directory Structure

Mango pipeline handles are saving of files and resources in the network in a controlled way. No more worrying about where to put things on the storage server/servers. You will always be able to find what you need.

User Work Areas

User work areas means that you're artist are never working on top of the files you're actually showing the clients. Removing the Danger of overwriting old versions that the client might want to revert too.

Standardized Workflows Across All Applications

The Mango Pipeline looks and behaves the same across all 3d and 2d applications bringing familiarity to the pipeline regardless of what application environment your artist are working on. Not only does this allow for the use of a common language across departments when discussing strategies, but it also means that as new software comes to the market it can be easily integrated in the mango pipeline with out the need to reinvent the wheel.

Auto Of The Box Workflows

Mango is constantly adding detailed workflows for very specific tasks of the content creation process. Some of this include

  • Character/Digidouble Workflow
  • Simulation Pipeline for Hair and Cloth
  • Simulation Pipeline for Veichles
  • Stereo Workflow for 3d and 2d applications

Non Linear Asset Flow Design

Mango not only offers Powerful cross application Asset Workflow for animated assets, but is setup to be as flexible as possible. By breaking scene assembly of this assets into a Multistage Hierarchical process. This process allows for usually linear task such as Modeling Rigging and Animation and lighting to be done side by side, and iterate up the chain, vs having to deal with the bottleneck of having any of those stages pre approved.

Review The Work and Make Comments

With the optional Shotgun and Screening room integration. Supervisors can review and comment on artist work in close to real time with out the dependency of coordinators or producers. The "Submit to Dailies" Mango workflow is designed to be filtered any iterative work made by the artist that not specifically marked for review or approval.