Mango's main purpose is to organize people, standardize the way the work is created so it can be easily tracked, and help every one what find what they need in fast and efficiently.

Simplified Resource Ingestion

With mango's resource ingestion tools, producers and coordinators can very easily track and ingest into the pipeline and on set, or 3rd party vendor image sequences, with out having to worry about any of the technicality of format or naming convention. Simply point the resource ingestion tool to the image sequence your trying to ingest, and let mango do the rest (Renaming, Versioning, Quicktime creation, Shotgun sync, and Studio hand off, are all handled for you)

CSV Resource/Plate Ingestion and Show Setup

Producers are the master of spread sheets, Mango has a set off tools for creating and ingestion show resources form CSV files. Giving producers and coordinators the ability to batch changes at many levels.

Simplify And Automated Shotgun Workflow

Mango does not only offer an optional Shotgun integration, but it also makes Shotgun and Screening Room work petty much out of the box. Mango will keep you Projects, Sequences, and shots in Sync, and the submit to dailies Tools makes it super simple for artist to actually use shotgun, and track the work being created. Reviewing work in Screeningroom, or Screeningroom for RV means you have a clean history of notes, and annotations, and a email notifications that will alert your Artist about a requested changes.

No More Baby Sitting

When Artist are on a rush, the first thing they will neglect is any paper work associated with production (emails,updating shotgun, Handing off their work, etc), Mango does allot of this work behind the scenes, making sure things are tracked and clear organized for producers and coordinators, while letting the artist do what they're good at (creating awesome shots!).