Toolset Overview

  • Tool and Plugin Distribution System

  • Resource Ingestion/IO

  • Nuke

  • Review And Dailies

  • Maya

  • 3D Studio Max

  • Other Integrations

Mango Tool Overview

Tool and Plugin Distribution System

Software Launcher


Resource Ingestion/IO

Stand-alone Resource ingestion

Nuke Studio

BATCH CSV INgestion Tool



User work-spaces and work-files

In file Resource tracking

Comp Central localization Queue

Publishing stereo resources

Dailies And Review

RV Shotgun

Work Review and Dailies


Publishing Render Passes

user work spaces and work-files

Distributed Render Workflow

Publishing previews

3d Studio Max

publishing Render Passes

Creating and publish previews

Publishing previews

  • Managing Work Files
    • https://vimeo.com/118661057
  • Publishing Render Passes
    • https://vimeo.com/118751813
  • Hardware Previews
    • https://vimeo.com/194859798
  • Distributed Rendering Deadline Integration
    • https://vimeo.com/210979928
  • Profile based tool distribution
    • https://vimeo.com/178129618

Extra Credit

  • Learning Track it (Hart of our 3d Asset workflow)
    • https://vimeo.com/196318287
  • Mango Rigging Concepts Overview
    • https://vimeo.com/142456823

Other Integrations

  • Motion Builder
    • https://vimeo.com/140879888
  • Houdini
    • https://vimeo.com/136660930
  • Cinema 4d
    • https://vimeo.com/136913773
  • Photoshop
    • https://vimeo.com/194767575