Mango is written from a Company Stand Point, If Mangosoft was making a business out of animation, vfx, or commercial work this is how we would setup our pipeline, to maximize our output, minimize our work hours, and keep our high salary workers on focused and on task. Here are some of the benefits that the Mango Pipeline brings to a studio owner who wants to create awesome work, and run a profitable business.

Makes Your Studio More Elastic

Grow and shrink you business depending on the scope and number of projects in house. Mango modular design let's your team keep the pipeline flexible. No project is to small or to big for the Mango Pipeline.

Retain Knowledge

No more starting the pipeline from scratch as artist and supervisors come and go. Mangosoft support is always there to get new teams and supervisors up and running with the pipeline saving valuable "Billable Hours", of R&D, Programing, and Support.

Talent Share

As mango grows in popularity, project hires that come from other studios using the mango pipeline will come to your studio ready to hit the ground running.

Get More Work

The built in and upcoming workflows should allow you to bid and take on Projects, that you might have been unprepared to take before. Or clients come from multiple fields such as commercial, episodic, film, fully animated character work etc. This has lead to many mango features that you can start using from day one to expand your business. some of the this features are "stereo workflow", "car simulation pipeline", "Character and Asset Rigging Pipeline", "Cloth and Hair Pipeline" .

Save Money

The mango pipeline saves your studio money in many different ways here are some of the more obvious examples.

  • Artist are not cheap, with mango artist spend more time making art and less time trouble shooting scenes and doing paper work for production
  • IT employees spend less time installing and updating plugins, as well trouble shooting software and licensing installations on your farm. Freeing them up to focus on more important studio and facility issues.
  • Writing your own pipeline is an expensive, and slow process of trail and error, using the mango pipeline means you don't have to rely on expensive TD's, Programers, Pipeline Supervisors, etc.  Everything is good and ready to go freeing your studio up to the amazing work you really want to be doing instead.