The dream behind the Mango Pipeline was to create a workflow that dealt with many of the controllable factors that generate overtime, which in return burns out artist, and heavily deteriorates their quality of life. With the fact in mind that a faster workflow might not lead to less overtime, when more iterations are possible, we do believe that Mango can improve the quality of life to the artist by bringing some sort of sanity to the workflow.

Full Software Integration

All of the Mango Pipeline tools and workflows work from withing the Artist main, applications. Allowing him to create new files, or Assets and hand them off with minimum effort.

Automated Pathing and Versioning

Let the tools generate all your output paths and get them right 100% of the time. No need to learn complicated naming structures or manually point any of your files or outputs to them. The Mango Publishing Tools handle everything from saving your workfile, submit elements to the farm, and publishing Models Rigs or Animations.

Updates Don't Have To Be Scary

With tools like Rig Manager, CompCentral, ShotCentral, and Version Viewer finding the latest of anything is fast and easy. Comp Central, and CompCentral, Rig Manager, and ShotCentral are designed to not only bring and setup new resources in your work file so you can get to work asap. but can also keep this same resources update when every new resources are published without being destructive to your work.